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Forensic accounting and fraud expert speaks on fraud, identity theft, forensic accounting, internal controls and risk management
Mar 20 2017

‘I didn’t commit that crime!’ – Don’t become a victim of criminal identity theft

'I didn't commit that crime!' Don't become a victim of criminal identity theft By Robert K. Minniti, CFE, CPA, CVA, CFF On July 7, reported that King County officials entered two charges of felony identity theft against Gary Wayne Bogle. According to Washington man charged with felony ID theft, by Danielle Leigh, Bogle used his brother's identity to obtain free health care and attempted to avoid a criminal record in his own name. His brother ended up with false convictions and a destroyed credit because of unpaid hospital bills fraudulently entered under...

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Jan 30 2017

Fraud Risks in a New Year

As we start 2017, it is a good idea to consider some of the newer fraud risks facing organizations in a digital world. The Association of Certified Fraud Examiners estimates businesses lose around five percent of their revenue to fraud, so it is important that we identify the fraud risks so proper internal controls can be put in place to help prevent and detect these risks to the organization. Here are some frauds that were trending in 2016 and should be considered risks in 2017, Criminal Identity Theft There is a modern...

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American Board of Forensic Accounting – New Board Chairperson Sets Sights on Accreditation

Forensic accounting is one of the fastest growing fields in the financial industry, creating a lot of opportunity for qualified CPAs looking to enter the field. It’s an exciting practice area combining business knowledge and financial savvy with a bit of detective work. It also requires knowledge of statistical analysis and excellent writing skills.   Success in the forensic accounting field requires top-notch education and certification programs that help potential clients identify qualified forensic accountants and just as importantly, weed out the unqualified individuals trying to take financial advantage of a growing...

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Is Your Financial Plan Susceptible to Occupational Fraud?

When we consider our financial plan for the future, we use diversification as a way to reduce the risk of fraud in our portfolio.  We understand the risks of financial statement fraud in our portfolio.  We understand the risks of financial statement fraud such as Enron and Ponzi schemes like the one conducted by Bernie Madoff.  What we sometimes fail to remember is that our company is usually our single biggest investment and it is difficult to diversify our investment in the firm as a partner or sole proprietor.  Therefore,...

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Arizona Fraud Cases In the News – Schemes and Scams in 2010

Based on news reports, 2010 was a banner year for fraud in the United States.  Each year, it is important to examine things that occur in our profession.  This article will review some of the fraud cases from 2010 in the State of Arizona.   One of the biggest fraud stories of the year was mortgage fraud, including action taken by the Office of the Attorney General against major banks for their participation in mortgage fraud.  On December 17, 2010, The Arizona Republic reported that the Arizona Attorney General filed a lawsuit...

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Does a Forensic Accountant Need a Private Investigator License?

This article examines an important issue that is only now coming to light in cases being litigated: namely, whether professionals also need an investigator license. There is no absolute answer, and professionals—especially forensic accountants and fraud examiners—are advised to read this article. Some of the work conducted by forensic accountants and other forensic experts includes fraud investigations, searching for hidden assets, conducting background checks, and locating individuals who have skipped out on child support payments or judgments.  In conducting these investigative services, we search public records and documents provided by the...

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